2016 Volkswagen Jetta offers a host of economical options

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2016 VW Jetta trim levels and engine options

When it comes time to shop for a new car, most people are looking for an ideal balance to suit their lifestyle. For families, this means looking for space, fuel economy and features that will keep the kids comfortable, safe and entertained. But for those on the market for a compact car, there’s more room for mixing the fun in with the practical. Those seeking a compact car are likely to find the wide range of 2016 VW Jetta trim levels and engine options appealing, as the model offers everything from the budget-friendly base trim to the powerful and sporty Jetta GLI.

How many 2016 Volkswagen Jetta trim levels are there?

The way Volkswagen breaks down its trims is a bit different from other automakers, as you get a sort of trim-within-trim dynamic. There are four overarching trims, the Jetta 1.4T/1.8T, the Jetta Sport, the Jetta Hybrid and the Jetta GLI. Then within these there are trims that dictate how many features are standard or available. To put it simply, there are 10 total trims offered for the Jetta, divided between the four overarching trims. Confusing? The charts below should clear it up.

2016 Volkswagen Jetta Trims

Jetta 1.4T & 1.8T
S S w/Technology SE SE w/ Connectivity SEL SEL Premium (order only)
Jetta 1.8T Sport
1.8T Sport
Jetta Hybrid
Hybrid SEL Premium
Jetta GLI 2.0T
GLI SE GLI SEL (Order Only)
Naturally, the standard Jetta receives the most options, with only the GLI receiving more than one additional trim.

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We won’t go through the full details on how each trim breaks down as far as features are concerned, but you can get further details by checking out our inventory. Standard features include Bluetooth with audio, USB connectivity, a 5-inch resistive touchscreen system, cruise control, manual air conditioning and cloth seating. Upgrades include everything from improved transmission options to driver assistance features and impressive technology packages.

2016 Volkswagen Jetta engine options

As you can probably tell from the very names of the trim levels, there are a total of four engine options for the 2016 model year. Obviously, the Hybrid has a hybrid powertrain, while the other trims are named after the engine displacement, i.e. the 2.0T has a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. Not to get too chart heavy, but the basic performance breakdown is as follows:

2016 VW Jetta Engine Options

1.4T 150 horsepower, 184 pound-feet of torque
1.8T 170 horsepower, 184 pound-feet of torque
Hybrid 150 horsepower, 184 pound-feet of torque
2.0T 210 horsepower, 207 pound-feet of torque

Volkswagen doesn’t make it clear where the 1.8T starts in the trims unless you dig deep, but the quick answer is the standard Jetta has the 1.4-liter engine in the S through SE w/ Connectivity trims, and the 1.8T starts at the SEL trim.

Do you have any more specific questions about your Jetta options? Leave us a comment below, otherwise be sure to check back here at the Compass Volkswagen Blog for more VW information.

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