Safety features for families with new drivers

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2016 VW Safety and Driver Assistance Features

Parents face many challenges raising children, from child-proofing to potty training up through the emotional teen years. Still, perhaps one of the most anticipated and fear-filled times is learning to trust your teen when it comes time to learn to drive. Fortunately, there are a variety of safety and driver assistance features that make 2016 VW models safer, so you can feel better about the whole experience. It isn’t exactly like a driver’s ed car, where you can push your own set of pedals, but forward collision warning is in many ways like this, and just one of many features.

Standard Safety features in VW

Safety features will vary 2016 VW Golf SportWagen Safetyfrom model to model, and higher trims generally receive more options. Still, many Volkswagen models have a host of standard safety features that will protect you and your family in an accident. There are a number of features that are required by law, including electronic stability control, anti-theft protection, front airbags, tire-pressure monitoring and a trunk safety release. Volkswagen adds on manyother features, including anti-lock brakes and traction control, side curtain airbags a crash-optimized front end and pedal controls and the intelligent crash response system.

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Many models have rearview cameras to make it safer and easier to reverse, though this isn’t a standard feature for all. Likewise, automatic emergency braking isn’t for this year, though it is a part of the driver assistance package offered in most models. VW has already vowed to make it standard in future model years.

Volkswagen Driver Assistance Features

Most standard safety features are present to reduce harm in the event of a crash. The best way to stay safe is to prevent an accident from ever occurring. Parents who are raising teens and shopping for a new car now will likely want to look into driver assistance features that can provide even more alerts and precautions for drivers. The following are smart systems available in many models:

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): Radar sensors in the front of the car help keep a set speed while also maintaining distance from vehicles in front. This system helps in situations where a slow vehicle ahead may go unnoticed.

  • Standard : CC V6 4Motion Executive and Touareg Executive.
  • Available: Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, Jetta, Touareg Lux, and Touareg Sport with Tech.

Automatic Post Collision Braking System: Automatically applies breaks after airbags are deployed to prevent further damage from continued acceleration.

  • Standard: Beetle, Beetle Convertible, all Golf models, Jetta, and Touareg.

Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Traffic Alert: Uses sensors to check for other vehicles in the blind spot and provides audio and visual warning when the turn signal is used and another vehicle is present. Brakes are applied if a collision is likely.

  • Standard: CC V6 4Motion Executive, Beetle SEL, Beetle Convertible SEL, Jetta GLI SEL, Jetta Hybrid SEL, and all Touareg models (except Sport).
  • Available: Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, Jetta.

Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist): Alerts driver of potential obstacles ahead with audio and visual warnings, then applies brakes automatically to prevent a collision or help reduce impact.

  • Standard: CC V6 4Motion Executive and Touareg Executive
  • Available: e-Golf, Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, Jetta TSI, Jetta TDI, Touareg Lux, and Touareg Sport with Tech.

Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist): Uses a camera to ensure your vehicle is staying within its driving lane. The system will automatically counter-steer if necessary, but will provide audio and visual cues at speeds above 40 mph.

  • Standard: CC V6 4Motion Executive and all Touareg models (except Sport).
  • Available: Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, and Golf SportWagen.

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Park Distance Control (Park Pilot): Using ultrasonic sensors to monitor directly in front and behind the vehicle, this system helps prevent accidents from reversing by sensing the distance between the rear end and other objects.

Standard: CC V6 4Motion Executive, e-Golf SEL Premium, Jetta Hybrid, Jetta GLI, Touareg Lux, and Touareg Executive.
Available: Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, and Touareg Sport with Tech.
Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist): This system makes the dreaded parallel parking technique a breeze, with the only driver input needed is control of acceleration and braking. Steering is performed automatically.

Available: e-Golf, Golf, Golf GTI, Golf SportWagen
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