What transmission options does Volkswagen offer?

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2016 VW transmission options and benefits of the DSG

It used to be that your only concern when shopping for a vehicle was whether a model had a manual or automatic transmission, but options are increasing every year as automakers consider ways to be more efficient. One option that isn’t so popular is the continuously variable transmission, so VW has opted to avoid it. Still, you may be wonder what your 2016 VW transmission options are, and may even be curious about the benefits of the DSG option in models that offer it. We’re here to help, so today we’re breaking down the transmissions choices for each vehicle.

What are the 2016 transmission options for VW?

Single-speed automatic - e-Golf
5-speed manual - Beetle, Golf, Golf SportWagen, Jetta,
6-speed automatic - Beetle, CC, Golf, Golf SportWagen, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan
7-speed DSG - Jetta Hybrid
6-speed manual -Beetle, CC, Golf GTI, Golf R, Jetta GLI
6-speed DSG - Beetle, CC, Golf GTI, Golf R, Jetta GLI, Passat V6 SEL Premium
8-speed automatic: - Touareg

As you can see, there are a wide variety of engine options when you look across the entire lineup. We didn’t break down each model by trim level, but you should be aware that models with a manual option will usually have the manual as the standard transmission as they are less complicated than automatics and therefore less expensive. You can also probably guess that when it comes to efficiency, the more gears, the better. A five-speed manual transmission Volkswagen Inaugurates Components Plant in Tianjin North Chinais a base option for some economy models, but performance vehicles like the 2016 VW Golf GTI receive a six-speed as standard. More gears tend to mean more efficiency as your vehicle switches into a higher gear faster.

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As far as automatic transmissions are concerned, the DSG is quickly becoming a favorite as it has two gear boxes. In a standard automatic there is just one gearbox to handle all gears, but in the DSG there are two, one that handles odd gears and the other to handle even gears for an even smoother overall experience.

Another thing to consider is the fact that while certain models, like the Golf R, have specific performance driving modes, but all but the single-speed e-Golf have Tiptronic and Sport mode for their automatic transmissions, which allow drivers to experience more control over the driving dynamic. Triggering the Tiptronic mode is as easy as moving the shifter to the right, then pushing it forward or backward to shift up or down. There are also paddle shifters on most models equipped with automatic transmissions so you don’t have to remove your hands from the steering wheel.

Is there a specific model you have more questions about? Feel free to leave us a comment below, otherwise be sure to check back here at the Compass Volkswagen Blog for more posts on specific models and features.

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