2017 VW Golf GTI models with performance features

Performance Package becomes standard on select 2017 GTI trims

2017 VW Golf GTI models with performance features

The Volkswagen Golf has been a popular model in the VW lineup ever since it hit U.S. soil under the Rabbit nameplate. What could be better than the original? The Golf GTI came out boasting more power, without losing out on spaciousness or maneuverability. Clearly, it’s been a favorite for those seeking performance on a budget. Now it is getting even better, as VW is making an effort to simplify its lineup by cutting some packages and absorbing them into certain trims as standard features. Today we’re looking at which 2017 VW Golf GTI models will come with the performance features that were previously a part of the GTI Performance Package.

What are the Golf GTI performance features?

When you look at the Golf GTI, you first notice the front
end and its honeycomb grille, red accent strip and slatted foglight
design. Its sportiness is subtle, but eye-catching. Each trim has always come with a more potent powertrain, so when we say performance features, we really do mean things that take an already great model, and then make it even better when it comes to traction, speed and braking. If you look at 2015 and 2016 models, you would have found these features only in an additional available package. Now, they are standard starting with the Sport trim, which is the second of four available trims.

2017 VW Golf GTI Performance Upgrades

  • +10 horsepower
  • VAQ limited-slip front differential lock
  • 4-inch front vented disc brakes
  • 2-inch rear vented disc brakes
Golf GTI Wheels

For those who don’t know much about performance, the benefits of these features may not be immediately obvious. Everyone knows you want more horsepower, but you can get that through tuning.

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Benefits of VAQ differential and larger vented disc brakes

Standard performance features include the smaller 12.3-inch front vented disc brakes and 10.7-inch rear solid disc brakes, sport suspension with independent front MacPherson struts and an independent 4-link rear suspension, along with a 210 horsepower engine. It’s not that your S trim isn’t delivering, but for those who want a bit more there’s no underestimating the difference when it comes to larger brakes and the front differential lock.
The VAQ torque-sensing limited slip differential was, for many, the main reason to get the Performance Package because it worked to sense any wheel slippage and transferred more torque to the wheels that aren’t problematic, creating an overall greater sense of stability.

Vented vs solid disc brakes

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When we think of performance, we typically consider getting up to speed and keeping traction as the main things to consider, but when you’re taking a corner too fast, you won’t regret having larger brakes. Basically, you can decelerate faster with the larger diameter brakes, which means regaining control quickly around corners or stopping faster when coming up on traffic unexpectedly, and vented disc brakes let heat dissipate faster and allow the brakes to last a bit longer than solid ones.

We could talk all day about the theoretical improvements that the GTI performance features bring to the fold, but it’s best if you check them out for yourselves. In the meantime, be sure to leave us a comment below if you have any more questions, and check back here at the Compass Volkswagen Blog for updates.