What is included with Volkswagen Car-Net?

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Benefits and features of a VW Car-Net subscription

If you’re anything like us here at Compass Volkswagen, you probably already have quite a few subscriptions under your belt. There’s a subscription available for a plethora of cable packages, video streaming services, radio apps, magazines and even beauty and hygiene products. This is a lot for anyone to keep track of, so you may be wondering if you need yet another subscription in your life. We think after reading about the benefits and features of a VW Car-Net subscription, you’ll see this is one subscription that makes sense.

Volkswagen Car-Net Services

The first thing to keep in mind when considering Volkswagen Car-Net is that the services include three different categories so suit your needs: App-Connect, Guide & Inform and Security & Service. These three categories basically center on entertainment, navigation and information, and emergency and status features.

App-Connect is a new feature for Car-Net. Keep in mind that Volkswagen Car-Net features are available on all models, but not on all trim levels. If you see App-Connect as a feature, you can be sure the other Car-Net features will also be available. Volkswagen Car-Net App-Connect is the only category of features which is free without the Car-Net Subscription. App-Connect is the name for the services that include Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink, meaning improved smartphone connectivity. You can access music, navigation, weather and many more apps with a system that mirrors what you’re likely already accustomed to from your phone.

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Guide & Inform is part of the paid subscription, but it’s well-worth the cost for those who aren’t map-savvy. It’s especially smart for city driving or for commuters as the system not only offers an attractive navigation feature, but also provides live traffic alerts. The system uses a SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link to bring current information on fuel prices, weather, traffic, ski reports, movie listings and sports to your infotainment system.

Security & Service is the original host of features and remains the most practical side of Car-Net. While App-Connect brings smartphone entertainment, and Guide & Inform allows access to important information for your ride, Security & Service brings all the old features that previously made up the entire Car-Net suite. These services focus on tracking your vehicle, keeping your family safe, and having instant access to communication with emergency services in case of an accident. There are actually five services within this package:VW Car-Net Safety Security

  • e-Mobility Services: Currently only applicable to the e-Golf, this service includes the ability to check your battery status, review trip data, remotely set the temperature in your car and manage remote charging.
  • Family Guardian: This system is a must for parents who let their kids borrow the car, as it lets you set maximum speed alerts and set a virtual boundary so you will be alerted if the drivers speeds or drive somewhere they shouldn’t.
  • Maintenance: Keeping up on necessary maintenance is easy with this feature, which allows you to quickly schedule appointments, view health reports for your car and view your nearest dealership.
  • Remote Vehicle Access: Your phone quickly becomes a remote control for your car as you can check the status of your car, unlock and lock doors, honk the horn or flash the lights, send directions to the navigation system so it’s ready when you get to your car and find where you last parked, all through the Car-Net app.
  • Safe & Secure: Within this system you’ll find a way to manually make an emergency call, call for roadside assistance, contact Car-Net for help locating your vehicle if it’s stolen and with Automatic Crash Notification, Car-Net agents are contacted automatically if an accident is detected.

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Think these features could help make your life easier? Contact us here at Compass Volkswagen to learn more about availability and your subscription options. Also remember to check back here at our dealership blog for more posts on specific models and features.