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A silhouetted photo of the Volkswagen ID.4.

Get a sneak peek at the Volkswagen ID.4 before it is revealed next month

When will the Volkswagen ID.4 be revealed to the public? 

Volkswagen has been teasing us by releasing small drips of information about its coming lineup of electric vehicles. It was confirmed a few months ago that an electric version of the world-famous Type 2 microbus will go on sale in 2022. However, the first of the automaker’s new electric crossover SUVs, the VW ID.4, will likely arrive before that. So, when will the Volkswagen ID.4 be revealed to the public? According to another more recent information drip from the manufacturer, we have learned that VW will officially show the ID.4 to the world on Oct. 13. To go along with that bit of interesting news, Volkswagen has also put out a couple of new photos and released a few details about the EV that our team is excited to share with you. Let’s take a closer look.  Read the rest of this entry >>

VW at NAAS 2017

Volkswagen Debuts Several Trend-Setting Vehicles at Auto Show in Detroit

VW at NAAS 2017

Given our proximity to NYC, we are pretty familiar with Fashion Week. However, we feel like fashion is not limited to clothes, hair, shoes, and handbags—it can include automobiles as well! We are just wrapping up one of the biggest automotive fashion weeks of the year, which took place in Detroit. At the North American Auto Show, vehicle brands—including Volkswagen—displayed their latest innovations and designs. Here are some of Volkswagen’s biggest highlights: Read the rest of this entry >>