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If you need a new crossover SUV with AWD, you’ll want to stop by our showroom today

Which 2020 or 2021 Volkswagen crossover SUVs have all-wheel-drive near Middletown, NY? 

In the retail automotive world, this part of the year is a bit of a transition period. The current model year is at its peak and the next one hasn’t really started to build steam yet. That’s what makes a question like, ‘Which 2020 or 2021 Volkswagen crossover SUVs have all-wheel-drive near Middletown, NY,’ such an interesting and important one. There are a lot of ways in which VW vehicles stand out from the pack. As it applies to our conversation today, we’ll be looking at what the 2020 VW Tiguan, 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport and the 2021 VW Atlas. Each of these incredible crossover SUVs are in the running to be among the best platforms available in this very competitive segment of the global automotive industry. Let’s take a look at a few things you’ll need to know before you visit the Compass VW showroom.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Volkswagen gets future customers excited about the latest Tiguan

When is the new Volkswagen Tiguan going to be available? 

Volkswagen crowned its Tiguan crossover SUV its most successful model in 2019. In fact, the automaker has delivered more than six million Tiguan vehicles since the nameplate was first introduced. Our manufacturing partner is in the early stages of delivering the next model year to dealerships around the country, including Compass Volkswagen. Our customers have learned how this works and our team of product experts have been seeing an uptick in calls, texts and emails from the community wondering, ‘When is the new Volkswagen Tiguan going to be available?’ If you’re one of those people or have been just casually thinking about it, we have some encouraging news.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Exterior of 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan and 2019 Subaru Forester

Is the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan safer than the 2019 Subaru Forester?

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan vs 2019 Subaru Forester Safety Features

Safety is an important, and understandable, concern for car shoppers. Car manufacturers are offering more and more features and technology systems designed to increase safety and driver awareness. The plethora of features available can make it hard to know which vehicle to choose. Looking at the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan vs 2019 Subaru Forester safety features will look at the systems offered on both crossovers. Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan in orange

How much space does the Tiguan have?

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Legroom and Cargo Capacity 

The 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan is surprising drivers with every turn. This model has lots of entertaining features to help you feel comfortable as you drive. This vehicle also makes for a better driving experience with its interior volume. Let’s take a look at the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan legroom and cargo capacity to learn more.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan in orange

How spacious is the VW Tiguan?

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Cargo and Interior Volume 

The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact SUV that is built with a roomy interior. You don’t have to sacrifice space if you want a smaller SUV. We will be going over the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan cargo and interior volume to show you just how much room you can expect. Let’s get started by looking at where you’ll fit your passengers.  Read the rest of this entry >>


2018 Volkswagen Tiguan vs 2018 Honda CR-V

Small crossover SUVs offer the best of both worlds when it comes to interior space and fuel efficiency, so it should come as no surprise that the vehicles continue to get more and more popular. One of our top picks in the small crossover SUV class is the 2018 Tiguan, and for good reason. The 2018 Tiguan offers more cargo space and legroom than past models, and its quiet, comfortable ride make it a great option for growing families and young professionals alike! But how does the 2018 Tiguan compare to top competitors like the 2018 Honda CR-V? Read on to find out!  Read the rest of this entry >>