A stock photo of a person cleaning the interior of a vehicle.

We’re ready to help you and keep you safe during your visit

Compass Volkswagen Showroom Cleaning Procedures 

Without question, COVID-19 has been the defining crisis of our time. Nothing is more important to Compass Volkswagen than the health and safety of our community. For the time being, we are asking people who want to take test drives with any vehicle at our facility to make an appointment so that we can make sure the interaction is as safe as possible. That is only the beginning of the Compass Volkswagen showroom cleaning procedures that have been put in place. We understand that customers are going to be apprehensive about visiting any business without being confident in staying healthy. Our management team thought it would be helpful to outline our cleaning and sanitizing process for people to understand before they visit us. 

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Showroom Sanitization Protocols 

According to the best available information, we know that it’s important to be proactive in the fight against COVID-19. Compass VW staff has been given instruction to make sure they are keeping their hands and workspaces as clean as possible. While we would normally greet people with a handshake, we’re now adjusting to displaying new greetings. Also, high-traffic areas are being wiped down with cleansers on a regular schedule. If you would like to use some hand sanitizer, please ask any Compass VW representative. 

Service Center Cleaning Procedures 

Just because we are going through difficult times doesn’t mean vehicles stop requiring maintenance. When you visit the Compass Volkswagen Service Center, our team will be wearing gloves and masks throughout the time they work on your vehicle. Because our team will likely need to get in your vehicle as some point, our technicians will wipe down the interior with effective and safe cleaning products.  

If you have any questions about the procedures we’re using to keep you safe, please feel free to contact our showroom today.