Volkswagen Car-Net Remote Access Features

September 18th, 2019 by

Does VW Car-Net Have Remote Start?

Modern technology gives drivers unprecedented control over their vehicles. Most 2020 Volkswagen models will offer Car-Net Remote Access as a standard feature. The list of Volkswagen Car-Net Remote Access features are designed with convenience in mind. Does VW Car-Net have remote start?

Woman using Car-Net app with family in the backgroundYes, VW Car-Net Remote Access includes remote start. This feature can be accessed through the Car-Net mobile app. In addition to being able to remotely start and stop your vehicle, the Car-Net app will enable owners to lock and unlock the doors, honk and flash the lights, view the last parked location and access vehicle status information, such as fuel level and mileage.

Other features offered through Car-Net include the Parking Information system, powered by Parkopedia. This feature displays available off-street parking information. The app can provide information on the hours of operation and pricing. When a parking location is selected, the address can be sent directly to the car’s navigation system.

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Car-Net can also provide monthly Vehicle Health Reports that are emailed directly to the owner.

Parents can utilize the Car-Net Family Guardian feature. Family Guardian can provide speed alerts when a set speed limit is exceeded as well as Boundary Alerts that trigger when the vehicle travels outside of a pre-set area.

Should the car become disabled, Car-Net users can utilize the Roadside Call Assistance feature by pressing the wrench button.

How much does Volkswagen Car-Net cost?

Car-Net will be included at no charge for five years with the purchase of a 2020 Volkswagen model. After that, Car-Net features will be available for a yearly subscription. Current cost for the subscription is $99 per year, before taxes. This number is subject to change.