The touchscreen in Wi-Fi-enabled Volkswagen vehicles will provide a lot of functionality.

Volkswagen helps drivers and passengers stay connected with Wi-Fi access

How much does Volkswagen Wi-Fi cost? 

In the second decade of the 21st century, connectivity is the name of the game for the automotive industry – other than safety, performance and fuel economy. Volkswagen joins a growing number of automakers in making a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot available in most of its most popular vehicle platforms including the 2021 VW Tiguan. Having access to a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t exactly new technology, but it’s becoming so pervasive and affordable that our team thought it would be helpful to answer a few common questions, starting with, ‘How much does Volkswagen Wi-Fi cost?’ Let’s take a look at all the available information our team was able to put together.  

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It’s important to note that VW knows how to build great vehicles; they haven’t suddenly changed direction and jumped into the telecommunications industry. Our manufacturing partner is working with two of the biggest names in the wireless business, Verizon and T-Mobile. Volkswagen has worked out a deal with both providers that VW vehicle owners will be able to access unlimited data through each company’s respective networks for around $20 per month. Additionally, existing Verizon or T-Mobile customers may be able to add their VW data plan to their wireless bill. Each provider will handle billing and customer service issues related to the Wi-Fi service. 

How fast is the Wi-Fi in VW vehicles? 

There is a lot of reason to be excited about 5G wireless networks. However, the Wi-Fi hotspot available in VW vehicles will use 4G speeds. Additionally, coverage might not be possible everywhere and it could be affected by terrain or other factors. 

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