Your Volkswagen key battery died, now what?

October 12th, 2016 by

How to get into your VW when keyless remote battery dies

Keyless access seems like a great feature. Whether you have the push-button start feature which simply unlocks the vehicle as you approach, or you use they key fob exclusively to unlock the door, you’re likely unaccustomed to opening the door with an actual key by now. When your keyless remote battery dies, that’s when you’ll notice there’s no obvious keyhole to get into your vehicle. Now what? As you’ll learn, it’s simple to get into your vehicle even when your Volkswagen key fails.

Opening a locked Volkswagen door without the key remoteVW lock cylinder cover

Keeping in mind that instructions will vary depending on your model and year, it’s actually very simple to get into a locked Volkswagen, once you know what you’re doing.

When the key fob battery is dead:

  • Look at underside of driver’s door handle
  • Find the notch, insert the tip of the key and pop it off
  • Unlock your door with the revealed keyhole

But wait, my push-button start system doesn’t have a key!

  • Locate small button on top of key remote
  • Press to pop out a small plastic key
  • Use this key to unlock the door
  • Hold key remote to steering column or insert into slot, then press button to start

An inoperative key fob may seem like an emergency, but you bet it isn’t one that Volkswagen would not have anticipated. If you’ve recently changed the battery in your remote and it still isn’t working, remember that the code does have to be reset. Simply press the unlock or lock button for one second, then unlock and relock the vehicle with your master key.

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As always, if you have tried these instructions and they don’t work for you, check your owner’s manual for information specific to your year and model. Owner’s manuals can be found on iTunes for those who may not have access to a physical copy, but of course you’re also welcome to stop by and visit us here at Compass Volkswagen and we’ll help you work it out in person.

We hope this post was helpful, and welcome you to stop back here at the Compass Volkswagen Blog for more tips and tricks.