Master Technician Andreas Humpert at Compass Volkswagen

Compass VW Technician honored with Master Technician Title

Master Technician Andreas Humpert at Compass Volkswagen

Who doesn’t like to brag that their technicians are well-versed on all the minutiae of an individual brand?Humpert Compass Volkswagen Ring Close Up When you bring your vehicle to Compass Volkswagen, you come certain that the service performed will be up to the OEM standard. This means not only using the approved parts and fluids, but our service employees know exactly what is wrong when it comes time to diagnose an issue. Which is why we are proud to have Master Technician Andreas Humpert at Compass Volkswagen. We’re honored to have all our employees working together every day, but Andreas just received this status in recognition of his expertise and hard work.

What is a Volkswagen Master Technician?

Andreas Humpert Compass Volkswagen Dan Day

Though there are many VW enthusiasts out there, we know we can’t expect you to be so in-tune with the brand as to know every award and accolade available from the automaker. Essentially, Volkswagen Group of America recognizes the top VW technicians with a special Technician’s Master Ring. This represents the highest level of expertise when it comes to Volkswagen repair and maintenance. This certification is awarded to just 11% of all VW techs across America, and Mr. Humpert is one of just five for our area.

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Though he works on popular models here at Compass Volkswagen day in and day out, it also takes 350 hours of hands-on training, online classes and evaluations in order to earn this certification.

We were excited to recently have big names from VWoA here to honor Andreas. Dan Day, Volkswagen Fixed Operations Manager, stated, “Achieving Master Status requires extreme dedication and commitment. We are proud of Andreas for his efforts and recognize his loyalty and determination.”

Seeing his efforts and achievement has been an honor to us all here at Compass Volkswagen. If you happen to stop by, please give him a warm congratulations. Don’t be disappointed if he isn’t wearing his new ring though, as service work can be a messy business.

Have any more questions about what it takes to be a master? Leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Also stay tuned here at the Compass Volkswagen Blog for more dealership and VW news.

Andreas Humpert Compass Volkswagen Master Ring
Andreas Humpert Compass Volkswagen
Andreas Humpert Compass Volkswagen celebration