Springtime Maintenance Checklist for 2017 Volkswagen Models

Check Off These Volkswagen Vehicle Maintenance Tasks in Time for Spring!

Springtime Maintenance Checklist for 2017 Volkswagen Models

We are hoping that we will finally start seeing the spring season now that Winter Storm Stella has passed. In addition to the green grass and blooming flowers, we look forward to cruising around in our Volkswagen with the windows down. But before we can start doing that, we need to give our Volkswagen some TLC so that it can look and perform perfectly throughout the season! Check these items off our springtime maintenance to-do list!

View our inventory of new Volkswagen models!___ Give your Volkswagen a bath (to wash off all that salt—don’t forget the underbelly!)
___ Wax your Volkswagen to make it shine and to protect the paint
___ Check/change your Volkswagen model’s oil
___ Replace engine and cabin filters before allergy season begins
___ Switch wiper blades to enjoy clear visibility during spring showers
___ Have the air conditioner inspected
___ Inspect your tires’ tread depth by using a penny (if you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you need a new set!)
___ Check your Volkswagen model’s battery acid level
___ Replace your Volkswagen model’s fluids
___ Have the condition of your belts, hoses, and clamps inspected and replaced as needed
___ Remove your winter survival kit (after the last of the snow is gone, of course)
___ Give your Volkswagen model’s cabin a good vacuuming

Need Special Parts for Your VW?

Come to the Compass Volkswagen Service Department for All of Your Springtime Maintenance Needs!

If you need any assistance with getting your Volkswagen model springtime-ready, please contact the service department here at Compass Volkswagen and schedule an appointment! Our experts will be more than happy to help you keep your Volkswagen happy and healthy!

Did we miss any tasks on our springtime maintenance checklist? Is there anything that you like to do with your Volkswagen once the weather warms up? Please share in our comments section!