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Volkswagen rated Best Non-Premium Brand by J.D. Power for 2016

Volkswagen 2016 J.D. Power APEAL Rating

Where do you start when you research a vehicle? If you’re like most people, you’ll find yourself on Edmunds, KBB and then maybe some popular magazines like Car & Driver or Motor Trend. What do all these sources have in common? Professional automotive journalists reviewing brand new cars they’ve driven for perhaps a week or so. Some will do long-term tests, but the results are usually toward the end of a model year, when you might already start looking forward to what’s coming next if you happen to be on the market for a new car during the model year end. All this said, a better source tends to be J.D. Power, a company that takes real driver surveys to reveal what owners really thing. So what does the Volkswagen 2016 J.D. Power APEAL Rating look like?

What is the J.D. Power APEAL survey?

As we’ve already hinted, the APEAL rating, which is short for Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout is an opinion survey from new car owners. Within the first 90 days of ownership, buyers are given a survey that ranks 75 attributes of the new car. This allows those who are behind the wheel day in and day out to rate things like actual performance and comfort along with how easy the various features are to use. The overall rating provides a good base point for shoppers to judge what real-world drivers think, but the specifics allow automakers to improve upon points that might not be satisfying to owners.


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VW earns top spot as Highest Ranked Non-Luxury Brand

2016 Volkswagen Golf Interior

Volkswagen started out as the people’s car, which is the idea that affordable transportation should be available for everyone. It’s not that VW has changed its tune, but rather saw a niche in the market between luxury and economy brands. Too-often, corners are cut to reduce costs, and the interior isn’t as comfortable or well-designed as it could be. Models like the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta are still competitive within their segment, but Volkswagen has built a reputation for providing comfort and higher-end amenities. These improvements have taken a bit of time, as Volkswagen hasn’t lead the non-luxury APEAL survey since it was in the 12th spot out of 33 brands back in 2001.

We’re proud to say, Volkswagen is on top, scoring 809 points out of 1000, which is 15 points above the average for non-premium brands and 8 points above the industry average of 801 points.

This is just in time for the upcoming 2017 model year, which will have more available driver assistance features and new trims for many models. Stay tuned here at the Compass Volkswagen Blog to learn more about what to expect.