VW Arteon Makes its Debut at 2017 Geneva Auto Show

Say Hello to the All-New Volkswagen Arteon!

VW Arteon Makes its Debut at 2017 Geneva Auto Show

This year’s auto show season has been an eventful one for Volkswagen, to say the very least. In Detroit, we were able to get a closer look at the upcoming Atlas (which will be arriving here at Compass Volkswagen very soon—contact us to reserve yours!), and the LWB 2018 VW Tiguan and VW I.D. BUZZ Concept were unveiled. The latest auto show just occurred in Geneva, where the all-new VW Arteon made its debut! News of the Arteon had been floating around for a few months already, but we are happy that we were able to get a closer look and share what we know!

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VW Arteon near the oceanSporty, Yet Practical Full Size Sedan By Volkswagen

When the VW Arteon joins the Volkswagen model lineup (which we expect to occur later this year), it will replace the VW CC model as the new full size sedan. Now just because the VW Arteon is classified as a sedan does not mean that it is boring. The Volkswagen design team took queues from the VW CC and gave the VW Arteon a sporty exterior—complete with fast-back styling!

Futuristic Interior Reflects VW Arteon Model’s Moniker

Volkswagen always does a wonderful job with coming up with names for its vehicles, and we are loving the moniker that they came up with for their all-new sedan. “Arteon” sounds galactic and we think that it is a nod towards the vehicle’s far-reaching capabilities. This is reflected inside the spacious cabin, which can be optionally outfitted with a futuristic-looking digital instrument panel.

Powerful Engines for Volkswagen Arteon

And last—but certainly not least—there will be six engine options for the VW Arteon. You read that right—SIX engine options! All of them will feature four cylinders, but with the help of German intuition and turbo technology, the power output will range from 148 to 276 ponies.

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Like we said, we will most likely see the all-new VW Arteon land in the US later this year. As more information becomes available, we will share it on our blog, so keep checking back with us!