VW gets sporty with R-Line trims, but which models have them?

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What are Volkswagen R-Line trims?

When it comes to standard models, it’s not difficult to understand trim hierarchies. Most models start with a base option, then each higher trim simply adds on more conveniences or quality materials. Volkswagen can be a little trickier to understand because the automaker offers R-Line trims, and when you see these sporty options sitting next to standard trims, you’re likely to ask what the differences are. Is it just looks, and what is an R-Line anyway?

Volkswagen R-Line trims add a stylish flair

How do R-Line trims differ from regular trims? Mostly, it’s about appearances. The R stands for “race,” but you won’t always find a difference in the powertrain. For 2017, you’ll find one R-Line option has been removed from the lineup, with the Tiguan R-Line being switched out for the Wolfsburg. The Touareg also previously had an R-Line trim, but this was discontinued for 2015. This leaves three remaining R-Line models:

The Passat R-Line joined the fray only just last year, but it’s already a favorite with the R-Line front bumper resembling the look of the Golf GTI. Other features include V-Tex leatherette seating, 19-inch wheels, special front and rear bumpers and unique R-Line door sill protectors. This is one family-friendly ride you’d love to flaunt anywhere.

The R-Line Executive trim poses quite the drastic change to the appearance of the CC. The front bumper is more aggressive and highlights the halogen lens foglights, while the side sills are extended to create a wider stance. A standard panoramic sunroof and 18-inch Montauk wheels finish the exterior for a powerful look.

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It’s true that style is a major difference for most R-Line trim levels. Each vehicle in the Volkswagen lineup represents a practical and refined option, but there are enough Golf GTI enthusiasts to make it clear that even the most sensible driver sometimes wants something flashy. With R-Line trims, you can find it, without sacrificing function for form.

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