When Should I Change My VW’s Windshield Wipers?

Enjoy Crystal-Clear Visibility in Your VW When You Change the Wipers

When Should I Change My VW’s Windshield Wipers?

We have been experiencing a mix of precipitation in the last few weeks, and if the Farmer’s Almanac is correct, we have a long way to go before we get to enjoy that sunny summer weather. No matter if you encounter light rain or heavy snow, you need high-quality wipers so you can experience ultimate visibility. Like all other components on your Volkswagen, the windshield wipers are of the highest quality. However, you do need to switch them out on occasion.

So how often should you make the switch? The recommended timeline is every six months to a year, though it can vary depending on how often you encounter falling precipitation and the quality of your wiper blades. Here at Compass Volkswagen, our rule of thumb is to change your wiper blades when they are no longer providing clear visibility or when the rubber starts to peel off and flop around, which is extremely annoying.

New wiper blades that are ready to go on your VW modelWhere Can I Buy Wiper Blades for My Volkswagen

We recommend shopping for high-quality wiper blades for your Volkswagen from our collection of Volkswagen accessories. Please contact us to verify that we have the correct sizes that you need. If we do not have them in stock, please check out the official Volkswagen accessories website.

If you end up buying new wiper blades from a big box retailer or auto parts store, there will usually be a size guide available. However, these are not always correct. To ensure that you purchase the right sizes (and to save yourself the hassle of making an exchange), measure your wipers beforehand and keep the measurements in your Volkswagen model’s owner’s manual or on your smartphone.

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If you need any help with keeping your Volkswagen model in tip-top shape, please contact our service department here at Compass Volkswagen and schedule a service appointment.