Enjoy Extra Light and See More Above You With the Help of A Sunroof!

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Which 2017 Volkswagen Models Have a Sunroof?

One thing that we all struggle to remember is to look up once in awhile. If we don’t look up, we might miss out on something extraordinary, such as the ultimate item in the antique store or a shooting star. While a 2017 Volkswagen model may not necessarily help you look up inside of a store, it can definitely allow you to see more nature up above when you add a sunroof.

What is a Sunroof?

A sunroof is a window placed on the roof of your vehicle. It can be opened to allow for additional light to shine in, or air to blow in. Sunroofs are also sometimes called moonroofs.

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Why Should I Add a Sunroof to My 2017 Volkswagen Model?

There are actually more benefits to having a sunroof on your Volkswagen than you realize. These benefits include:

  • Elimination of claustrophobia and edginess from long car rides
  • Additional dosage of Vitamin D
  • Relief from depression, anxiety, stress, and seasonal affective disorder
  • Ability to stargaze without the bugs and other wildlife to annoy you
  • Ability to see more of nature during road trips through mountains and other areas of geological interest
  • Higher resale value on your vehicle

Which 2017 Volkswagen Models are Available With a Sunroof?
Nearly all 2017 Volkswagen models are available with an optional regular/panoramic moonroof. Models include:

  • 2017 VW Beetle (coupe)
  • 2017 VW Jetta
  • 2017 VW Passat
  • 2017 VW Tiguan
  • 2017 VW Touareg
  • 2017 VW Golf
  • 2017 VW Golf GTI
  • 2017 VW Golf SportWagen
  • 2017 VW Golf Alltrack

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