Which Volkswagen Models Offer Pedestrian Monitoring?

July 30th, 2019 by

The Volkswagen pedestrian monitoring system is an important driver assistance system offered on vehicles in the company’s lineup. Which Volkswagen models offer Pedestrian Monitoring?

Volkswagen Pedestrian Monitoring systemFront Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring system is available on most models in the 2019 Volkswagen lineup. The feature is available on all models except the Beetle, Jetta and Passat. Arteon, Atlas, Golf, Golf R and Golf Alltrack models include the feature as standard equipment, while the feature is available on higher trim levels of the Volkswagen Tiguan.

Volkswagen is planning on making Front Assist and autonomous emergency braking standard on most models by 2022.

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How Does the Volkswagen Pedestrian Monitoring Work?

The Volkswagen Pedestrian Monitoring system utilizes a radar located behind the VW logo on the front of the car. The system sweeps the area up to 400 feet in front of the vehicles. The system works hundreds of times per minute, analyzing the data to determine if any pedestrians are about to cross the path of the vehicle.

The Pedestrian Monitoring system will automatically apply the brakes if the car is traveling between 4 and 18.6 miles per hour. The system will provide an audible warning and display visual alerts if the vehicle is traveling between 18.6 and 40 miles per hour. If the driver does not act, the system will automatically apply the brakes. At speeds above 40 miles per hour, the system will not activate.

If you own a vehicle with the Volkswagen Pedestrian Monitoring system, it is important to keep the sensor clear of snow or dirt or other debris. If the sensor is not clear, the system will not be able to operate properly.

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