What are the benefits of getting your wheels aligned?

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Why is VW car wheel alignment important?

There are things we love about the summer season, and there are things we hate. Love? Warm temperatures, concerts and days on the beach. Hate? Road construction. The winter season ended a long time ago here in Middletown, NY, and yet tell that to our DOT. The extremes between hot and cold weather here are damaging to our roads, which means that we end up needing frequent and time-consuming road repairs. If you’ve been debating stopping by the Compass Volkswagen dealership you may be wondering, why is car wheel alignment important in your Volkswagen? With pothole season upon is, this time of year it’s definitely something you should consider getting done, and soon.

What does a wheel alignment do for a car?

It is surprisingly easy for a car’s wheels to become misaligned. You’re driving your GTI, and maybe just a bit too enthusiastically as you open it up on the highway, when you hit a bump in the road. Accidents, road conditions and potholes are all high contributors to this. If you remove your hands from the wheel and your car has a tendency to start veering to one side, this is something that you can easily get fixed, and really should.

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Just because you don’t feel that your vehicle is out of alignment, this doesn’t mean that everything is fine. A car that is drifting is just very far off and is a fairly big example. Reasons to get a wheel alignment? If things aren’t aligned properly, your tires will likely wear down unevenly, causing you to replace them more often than necessary. If you’ve purchased new tires recently, you know how expensive this is. Another thing to consider is fuel savings, as any extra drag will limit the efficiency of your car. If your car is actually drifting, this also makes it less safe to drive, not only when you aren’t paying attention, but it’s also less safe when road conditions aren’t the best as your car isn’t as easy to steer.

Why get a wheel alignment at Compass Volkswagen?

The actual reasons for getting a wheel alignment are plentiful, but why come to us? One thing to consider is that different suspension systems mean that the process can differ between makes and especially between vehicles in different segments. You’ll want professionals to do the work, and our technicians specialize in Volkswagen models. If there’s anything wrong in addition to a misalignment, it won’t go undiagnosed due to a lack of familiarity. Our service department also just got a new alignment machine, so we have fresh equipment to do the work correctly.

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If you’re wondering how often you should get your wheels checked, the general rule of thumb is every six months or 6,000 miles. Think of it as something you do every other oil change. It’s also something you might want to do happen to fall victim to one of the potholes around town.

Do you have any other wheel alignment or service center questions? Leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Otherwise be sure to check back here at the Compass Volkswagen Blog for more details on other important VW maintenance.

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